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Weinland, Weyland, Wyland and other variations of this name in America

As soon as in the early 1700's, some Weinland/Weyland/Weilands can be found in the passenger lists of emigration ships that arrived in America.

Some volumes of the Germans-To-America series (1850-1895) contain many Weiland/Weyland/Weinlands.

The first emigrants that are known from the passenger lists are:

  • Christane Willand, who arrived in 1727 on the ship Molly.
  • Johann Peter Weyand, who arrived on the ship Dragon, from Rotterdam, originated from Zweibruecken and Palatinate, on September 26 1749.
  • Peter Weinland, who arrived on the ship St-Andrew from Rotterdam, September 27 1737. He settled then in the Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and he died there in 1759.
  • Teobald Weyland, who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Brotherhood from Rotterdam, November 3 1750.
  • Peter Wieland, who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Patience from Rotterdam, August 11 1750. Many descendants of Peter Wieland can be found in the Weyland/Wyland/Wineland database. They first settled in Ohio and they migrated later to Indiana.

In America, the Weinland/Weyland/Weiland family name sometimes became Wyland, Wiland, Wayland or Wineland.

The family of Thomas Wieland/Wineland arrived in America about 1726 and settled with the Germanna Colony near Culpepper, Virginia. Thomas was married to Maria Barbara Seppach on August 18 1711 in Willsbach, Wuerttemberg. His fathere, Thomas was a blacksmith in Lehrensteinfeld, Germany.

The descendants de Jacob Weinland and Elizabeth Sanger left the Lancaster county, Pennsylvania about 1850 and they settled in the Preble county, and they migrated later to the Darke county, Ohio.

As far as I know, most of the people who appear in the Weyland/Wyland/Wineland database are not related to my ancestors. The information that you will find there was collected during my research or was sent to me by some other researchers who study these families.

Special thanks to those who contributed to the feeding of the Weyland/Wyland/Wineland database, and more especially to:

Earl E. Wyland
John Robert Weinland Sr., Indiana et John Robert Weinland Jr., Texas
William J. Windland, Arizona
Martha J. Weinland-Yowler, Ohio
John Rutledge
Warren Lambing.

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