Mes ancêtres


These pages are dedicated to the pedigree of my grandchildren Elen, Macéo, Enola and Etan. The main part of the information that you will find at the present time is about my own pedigree (mainly distributed in Lorraine, Alsace, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate). Many lines are still waiting to be studied in this family tree. The missing information should be added month after month.

You can also find in these pages the descendancy of our ancestors that links our family to those of previously identified cousins or of renowned people.
I try to make the display of this genealogy as nice as possible with documents that you can browse during your visit of the site: pictures, scanned records, etc.
Please contact me in case you come across information that can link your own ancestry to any people you could find in my pages. I will be happy to share with you any interesting information.

All close relatives can ask me a login id that will allow them to have an access to information that is not available for privacy reasons.

I hope you will enjoy your visit of these pages and may be you will find some information you are looking for.

Robert Weinland


Note: The data displayed in the pages of this website are managed with webtrees. The present page is an introduction to this genealogical site. In order to get at some genealogical information, please make a choice from the above row of icons. You can either select an individual from a displayed list of names or search this individual starting from a displayed list of placenames, for example.  In case of any difficulty in consulting this site you can access to the available Help data by clicking on the appropriate icon (?).

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27 July 2014 - 19:09:48
Emile Gallé Charles Martin Emile Gallé
Birth: 4 May 1846 28 20Nancy, 54, France
Death: 23 September 1904Nancy, 54, France
Marie Emma Perrot Marie Emma Perrot
Birth: 8 August 1868Baccarat, 54, France
Death: 5 December 1926Saint-Maur, 94, France
Jules Albert Weinland Jules Albert Weinland
Birth: 30 July 1887 25 24101, rue de l'Etang, Nancy, 54
Death: 8 January 195727, avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, Nancy, 54
François Désiré Husson François Désiré Husson
Birth: 13 June 1826 21 18Nancy, 54, France
Death: 13 September 1878Morschviller-le-bas, 68, France
Blason de Dehlingen Johann Marcel Weyland
Birth: about 1625
Death: January 1706Dehlingen, 67, France