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I made this site from the information I gathered during my genealogical research in Lorraine, in Hilly Alsace, in Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate. In these pages you will find my family tree, some pieces of history about the places they lived in, and some more general information about genealogical research.

Until now all my known ancestors originated from a territory that was included into the boundaries of the Duchy of Upper Lorraine of the 11th Century. At this time the duchy spread as far as Coblenz and to the confluence of the river Mosel and of the Rhine. Nowadays the places where my ancestors lived are located in Hilly Alsace, in Lorraine, in Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate.

My forefathers were day laborers in valley of the river Saar, wine growers in the Toul area, farmers, shepherds or clothes makers near Metz. Some of them left their village, they settled in the neighboring town and they became milkmen, rope makers, wood gilders, railwaymen, accountants or cabmen.

You will find in these pages a list of the family names of my ancestry. If you come across a surname that rings a bell, please contact me. May be I could provide you some useful details about some distant cousins that we have in common.
Of course, I am interested in any information you might have about these family names in the studied areas, and in the history of places where my ancetors lived.

Enjoy your visit of these pages, and do not hesitate to send me your comments.

Robert Weinland

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